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Ongoing research shows that installing a synthetic turf sports or leisure area has a more positive impact on the environment than using natural turf. In some parts of the world, local authorities actually subsidise synthetic turf replacement of natural grass.

In fact research shows that the CO2 impact to the environment from a synthetic turf pitch is far less over the lifetime of a surface than if the area remained as natural turf. Measure this against the increased usage and you will see that there is an overwhelming environmental argument for sports pitches to be surfaced with synthetic turf. No more:

  • Water required to make the grass grow
  • Harmful fertilisers to further growth
  • Weedkillers that leech into the water table
  • Fuel used to cut the grass
  • Disposal issues

But, considering the environment goes further than just looking at the turf, we at Easigrass™ have developed economic and environmentally friendly ways to uplift and dispose of old turf and infill materials, with the help of the TurfMuncher.

turf muncher

A field tested invention (patents pending), over 2 years in development. A machine that cost effectively and efficiently processes “infilled” synthetic turf fields by:

  • Lifting the turf and the infill
  • Separating the infill from the turf
  • Dispensing the infill into loader buckets or bags
  • Rolling and doffing turf rolls

The TurfMuncher has reclaimed turf and infill from four synthetic turf fields.


We focus first on reuse, then recycling and ensure that every square metre and every gram of infill is correctly accounted for.

With new materials we source from companies who use materials free from heavy metals, carcinogenic and other contaminants meaning Easigrass™ is a "Green" company in more ways than one.

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