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Easigrass™ is uniquely placed to offer businesses and special events an installation service for "one off" events. These include supplying and laying green and coloured synthetic turf to enhance and offer a different feel and look for an impactful appearance.

Corporations such as Nike, Adidas and American Express employ marketing departments or specialist companies to promote the brand or product offer. The creative side of Easigrass™ can work with companies as well as generate ideas and concepts that show a company off in a different way.

Some installations are permanent and are sports focussed, where as others are for a short period of time and Easigrass™ will also lift and restore the area to its former state and If you have an idea, a "wacky" concept, let Easigrass™ help bring it to fruition.

Easigrass™ Sport is able to offer designs and logos for pitches and events through AdGrass. With a range of colours available companies and clubs have a unique way to promote their names and brands.

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Sports grass for events

Events grass