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Worldwide football is played on synthetic turf. Let’s consider 10 reasons why synthetic turf is right for the world’s number one sport:

  1. The surface is true, safe and encourages skill
  2. It plays just like the best natural turf pitches
  3. It is available 24/7
  4. It is cost effective hour for hour compared with alternatives
  5. It offers solutions to communities and clubs who do not have sufficient natural turf pitches to cope with demand
  6. Under lights it offers evening use, without fear of wearing the surface away
  7. It can be played on in extreme weather conditions (snow is easily cleared)
  8. Although maintenance is required it requires little skill and time spent on a pitch is far less
  9. It can be installed inside or in shaded areas where grass struggles to grow
  10. It is allowed in the laws of the game

Getting the right surface and system relies on several key points, including:

  • Choosing a high quality, tested and approved surface
  • Ensuring a shock pad is used under the surface to retain the right play characteristics
  • Only using the best installers, who use the right installation equipment
  • Keeping on top of maintenance to maintain performance
  • Regular performance checks to keep the system playing to its optimum

Easigrass Sport has installed and maintained many football pitches and training facilities for clubs such as Chelsea, Fulham and Sunderland as well as private, commercial, council and education fields. Through our experience we ensure Easigrass installations meet the highest performance standards in world football.

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football turf